A Comprehensive Guide for Modest Fashion Enthusiasts

As modest fashion continues to gain popularity in the UK, abayas have become a wardrobe staple for many women seeking a stylish and elegant look. Whether you're new to wearing abayas or a seasoned pro, you might be wondering what to wear underneath to ensure comfort and modesty. 

In this blog post, we will explore various options for undergarments and clothing to wear under your abaya, featuring popular styles from Modora's collection of abayas Birmingham.

What to Wear an Under Abaya? Personalised Tips and Ways

Explore the art of layering under your abaya with our expert guide, highlighting versatile and comfortable options to enhance your modest fashion while ensuring a chic and elegant appearance.

  • Inner Dress or Slip

    An inner dress or slip is a versatile and comfortable option to wear under your abaya. It provides a smooth base layer that ensures your abaya drapes beautifully and prevents any unwanted clinging. Choose a slip in a lightweight, breathable fabric such as cotton or viscose for maximum comfort. Modora offers an exquisite range of women's abayas UK, including the Elegant Abaya and Classic Black Abaya, which pair perfectly with a simple inner dress.

  • Leggings or Trousers

    Pairing your abaya with leggings or trousers adds an extra layer of modesty and ensures you're covered even if your abaya has a front opening or high slit. Opt for leggings in a neutral colour that complements your abaya, such as black, beige, or navy. For a more sophisticated look, consider wearing tailored trousers or wide-leg palazzo pants. The Embroidered Abayas UK collection from Modora features stunning designs that look fabulous with leggings or trousers.

  • Long-Sleeve Top or Turtleneck

    Wearing a long-sleeve top or turtleneck underneath your abaya is a great way to ensure your arms are covered, especially if your abaya has wide or open sleeves. Choose a top in a breathable fabric like cotton or modal to stay comfortable throughout the day. The Butterfly Abaya from Modora's women abayas collection is perfect for pairing with a long-sleeve top or turtleneck.

  • Camisole or Tank Top

    If you prefer a more lightweight option for under your abaya, a camisole or tank top is a great choice. This option is particularly useful for open-front abayas or those with a deep neckline, providing extra coverage and modesty. Modora's Open Front Abaya pairs beautifully with a simple camisole or tank top for a chic and modest look.

  • Sports or Performance Wear

    For those who lead an active lifestyle, consider wearing sports or performance wear under your abaya. This will ensure maximum comfort and breathability while you're on the go. Many brands offer modest sports hijabs and tops designed to be worn under abayas, making it easy to find the perfect option for your needs.

  • Hijab or Headscarf

    While not technically worn under your abaya, a hijab or headscarf is an essential accessory for completing your modest outfit. Modora offers a stunning range of hijabs, including the Premium Jersey Hijab and Chiffon Hijab, to complement their abayas Birmingham collection.


There are several options for what to wear under your abaya, depending on your personal preferences and the specific style of abaya you choose. By selecting the right undergarments and clothing, you can ensure a comfortable and modest look that allows you to confidently embrace modest fashion UK. Explore Modora's extensive collection of abayas, hijabs, and accessories to create your perfect ensemble today.