We hope your love for high-heels is as towering as ours. Your style journey is about to sky-rocket as we swoop into the steep world of heel fashions for 2023. Hold on to your stilettos, it's going to be an exciting ride!

Let's take a step into the future of heel fashion, whether you're a savvy heel veteran or a novice just breaking in your first pair, there's a heel trend waiting to sweep you off your feet in 2023!

Sky's the Limit with Skyscraper Heels

Black Crossband Block High Heel Sandal


First stop, we're touching sky limits with skyscraper heels! Throw caution to the fashion winds and adopt these towering heels that have strutted right off the catwalk into our hearts and closets. Especially this black crossband block high heel sandal exudes glamour and sophistication, making a stunning addition to your evening ensemble.

All About That Block

Block Heel Sandal


Block heels were a hit in the past and they aren't going anywhere in 2023. We've spotted them everywhere from global fashion weeks to high street brands like ours. Check out this black knot detailed block heel sandal that combines comfort with chic, perfect for those looking for stability while making a style statement.

Ageless Elegance with Stilettos

Black Snake Texture Stiletto


The timeless stiletto is a staple in every fashion-forward woman's wardrobe. While the style remains traditional, the twist comes in their textures and patterns - think snake textures, distinct motifs, and bold colours. Don't miss this black snake texture stiletto for a dangerously stylish addition to your collection!

Pointy Heels

Beige Pointy Court Stiletto


Pointy heels are back with a vengeance. Their minimalist aesthetic and graceful silhouette make them the perfect companion for all occasions, from office meetings to cocktail parties. If you have a look at this beige pointy court stiletto is the epitome of sophistication, offering a versatile choice to match with any outfit.

Glamorous Gems and Glitter

black Heel Mules


Stepping up the high heel game, jewel-embellished heels are the sparkling new trend on the horizon. Heels featuring gem detailing are the perfect pick for those seeking that extra touch of glamour. Slide into our black gem detailed double band heel mules and let your feet do the (sparkling) talking!

Comfort Over Height: Mules & Sandals

khaki Mules


Who says high heels are the only fashionable choice? Flat shoes, mules and sandals are a trendy, comfortable alternative to sky-high heels. For mules you better go for the vintage options like the khaki foot bed flat mule which prioritise comfort without compromising style.

On the other hand, do check options like  brown crossband low heel sandal side by side if you are a true fashion enthusiast. Every heel style is unique, with each trend offering an excellent way for you to express your personality. 


As we look to 2023, the most important style tip is to stay true to your style while pushing your fashion boundaries. After all, the ultimate fashion accessory is confidence paired with a dazzling smile. Get ready to strut into the future of heel fashion! Remember, it's not just about reaching greater heights but doing it in style!

Aishah  ul-Haq
Tagged: heel styles