Tired of taking ages every morning trying to match your tops and bottoms? Or are you bored of the same old jeans and t-shirt combo? If you're looking to shake up your style and add some fashionable versatility to your wardrobe, then it's time to try co-ord sets. Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about co-ords and why they shouldn't be missing from your clothing collection.

What is a Co-ord?

Originally derived from the term 'coordinates', co-ords refer to a two-piece outfit that typically features a top and bottom in the same or perfectly matching patterns, colours, or fabrics. Sometimes called 'twinsets', these pieces are designed to be worn together to create a cohesive, sleek, and effortlessly chic look. Co-ords come in a wide range of styles, from casual tracksuit sets to formal blazer and skirt combinations, to holiday-ready crop top and short sets.

Are Co-ord Sets in Fashion?

Absolutely! Co-ords have seen a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years, largely due to their versatility and ease of styling. They've featured heavily in runway shows for high-end fashion houses and on high-street shelves alike. The rise of athleisure and a focus on relaxed comfort in fashion have also made more casual co-ords a sought-after choice. Thus, rest assured, investing in co-ord sets is an excellent way to stay trendy and stylish with minimal effort.

What is a Co-ord Set Used For?

One of the greatest benefits of co-ord sets is their versatility. The purpose of a co-ord set can vary greatly depending on its style. For instance, a sharp blazer and trouser co-ord set might be perfect for office wear. In contrast, a matching top and mini skirt co-ord set could serve as the ideal outfit for a summer party. Here are some common uses for a co-ord set:

  • For Work: A modest co-ord set like a tailored blazer and trouser or a midi skirt and top combo could serve as a put-together professional outfit.
  • For Casual Days: Co-ord sets like matching joggers and sweatshirts or a breezy crop top and shorts set are a comfortable and stylish option for running errands or a relaxed day out.
  • For Parties or Night-out: Think sequined or velvet co-ord sets consisting of a top and a mini skirt or a midriff-baring top and wide-legged pants to truly make a statement.
  • For Holidays: Co-ord sets are also a fantastic addition to your vacation wardrobe. A tropical print shirt and shorts co-ord, or a breezy matching top and maxi skirt set could be the epitome of beach chic.

  • How Do You Wear a Co-ord Set?

    The thought of wearing a co-ord set can be intimidating for those not used to this style. But, trust us, they're far easier to style than you might think. The trick lies in not overcomplicating things and allowing the co-ord set to be the star of your ensemble. Here are some simple tips to get you started:

  • Keep Accessories Minimal: Since co-ord sets are already a strong statement, keep your accessories to a minimum. Try simple dangly earrings or a delicate necklace. For a casual look, consider opting for a bucket hat or crossbody bag.
  • Mix & Match your Co-ords: Don't be afraid to wear your co-ords separately. The individual pieces of a co-ord set can be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe for a less matchy-matchy look.
  • Layer it Up: If you feel like your outfit is too exposed—for instance, with a heavily cropped top—throw over a matching or neutral-toned cardigan or blazer.
  • Experiment with Shoes: Depending on the occasion and the style of your co-ord set, you can pair it with a wide array of footwear, from sandals and flats to boots and heels.

  • What Footwear to Wear with a Co-ord Set?

    Co-ord sets can be paired with a variety of footwear styles based on the overall look you aim to create. Here are some ideas:

  • Casual Look: A stylish pair of sneakers or comfortable slides would complement your co-ord sets for running errands or a chilled outing with friends.
  • Professional Look: Sharpen your work co-ord sets with sleek pumps or sophisticated loafers for the ultimate polished appearance.
  • Party Look: A pair of stilettos or strappy high-heel sandals would take your party co-ord sets to the next level of glam.
  • Vacation Look: Your vacation co-ord sets beg for comfort and fun - think espadrilles or colourful flip-flops!

  • Concluded Note 

    Co-ord sets are the perfect answer to those 'nothing to wear' dilemmas and those days when putting a stylish outfit together feels like too much work. This fashion trend offers the sensation of sporting a jumpsuit or a dress while granting all the convenience and versatility of two separate pieces. And remember, with co-ords, you're not just getting one outfit but multiple ensembles when you wear the pieces separately. So, if you haven't already, it's high time to explore the versatile world of co-ord sets!

    Aishah  ul-Haq