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Jumpsuits have become a must-have wardrobe staple for women who love to make a statement. They're stylish, comfortable, and versatile, making them perfect for all types of occasions. 

However, if you're unsure about how to style your jumpsuit outfit, don't worry! We've put together a friendly and engaging guide to help you on what to wear with a jumpsuit, from layering to footwear and accessories. So, let's swoop in!

What to Wear Over a Jumpsuit?

One of the main challenges with wearing a jumpsuit is figuring out what to wear over it. Here are some ideas on what to wear over your jumpsuit for women, whether it's a long sleeve jumpsuit for women, a normal modest jumpsuit dress or any specific, say, summer jumpsuit for women:


A tailored blazer instantly adds polish to a jumpsuit outfit, making it suitable for work or a fancy dinner. Opt for classic colours like black or navy, or make a splash with a bold colour or pattern.

Denim Jackets

A denim jacket is a great casual option for a women's jumpsuit, providing a laid-back contrast with the elegance of a jumpsuit dress. Choose a light or dark wash, depending on your preference.

Leather Jackets

Add some edge to your modest outfit by throwing on a leather jacket. This works especially well with a jumpsuit for women that features a bold colour or pattern.


Cosy up in a long cardigan for a more casual and comfortable outfit. This works well with summer jumpsuits when you want to stay warm during chilly nights.

Bomber Jackets

Pair your jumpsuit dress with a trendy bomber jacket for a fresh and youthful look.

What Shoes to Wear With a Jumpsuit? 

The right pair of shoes can make or break your outfit. Here are some options for what shoes to wear with a jumpsuit:

Heeled Sandals

Heeled sandals look classy and elegant with a jumpsuit, elongating your legs and enhancing the overall look. Opt for a neutral tone, or go bold with a pop of colour.


For a chic and comfortable option, pair your summer jumpsuits for women with a stylish pair of wedges. The extra height will make your dress look even more flattering.


Sneakers can add a fun and sporty vibe to your jumpsuit, making it perfect for a day out with friends or a casual event.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots can add a little edge to your jumpsuit outfit, whether you're wearing a long-sleeved jumpsuit for women or a short-sleeved one. Opt for a block heel for a modern and sophisticated touch.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a great option for those who prefer comfort over height. They're versatile enough to wear with both casual and dressy jumpsuits and come in all sorts of colours and patterns.

How to Accessorise a Black Jumpsuit for the Evening?

Transform your jumpsuit from day to night with the right accessories. Here's how to accessorise a black jumpsuit for an evening event:

Statement Jewellery

Add a touch of glam to your jumpsuit outfit with a bold necklace, a pair of chandelier earrings, or a stack of bangles. Choose pieces that complement your jumpsuit's neckline and colour.

Clutch Purse

A chic clutch purse is the perfect finishing touch for your jumpsuit. Look for a metallic, embellished, or textured option to upgrade your evening look.


Cinch your waist with a stylish belt to emphasise your curves and add a touch of elegance to your jumpsuit dress.

Scarves and Wraps

For an extra layer of sophistication, drape a silk scarf or elegant wrap over your shoulders or around your waist.

What to Wear Over a Sleeveless Jumpsuit?

Sleeveless jumpsuits are perfect for warm weather but may require a little extra coverage when the temperature drops or for a more conservative setting. Here are some ideas for what to wear over a sleeveless jumpsuit:

Cropped Jackets

A cropped jacket looks modern and chic with a sleeveless jumpsuit for women. Choose a jacket that complements the colour and style of your jumpsuit.

Bolero or Shrug

A bolero or shrug can provide just the right amount of coverage and add a touch of elegance to your jumpsuit outfit. This works particularly well for dressier occasions.

Long Cardigan

Convert your summer jumpsuit into a cosy and stylish outfit by layering a long cardigan over it. Choose a cardigan in a neutral colour or one that complements your jumpsuit's colour.

Wrap Up!

Knowing how to style a jumpsuit for women gives you endless options to wear it in any situation, from casual to dressy events. With our friendly guide, you'll never run out of ideas on how to wear a jumpsuit, no matter what type you prefer. By selecting the right layering pieces, shoes, and accessories, you'll be able to create a chic and fashionable jumpsuit outfit that suits your style and the occasion.

Aishah  ul-Haq