Before you start saying, 'But I'm so curvy', or 'I have a big belly', or 'My thighs touch', let us tell you something: you are beautiful! No matter what shape or size you are. You can wear a range of Jeans if you have a belly or stomach.  

7+ Options of Jeans to Wear if You Have a Big Stomach or Belly

How to dress with your belly? Do some research on the internet, you'll find tons of tips but what to choose? What jeans will fit you in a good way? So what do you do if your belly just won't stay hidden? Here are a few things we recommend. 

Whether you want to tone up your tummy or hide it, there are so many styles of jeans that can help you do just that.

High-Waisted Jeans

If you're looking for jeans that compliment your belly, you might want to consider high-waisted jeans.

High-waisted jeans are the perfect solution for any stomach issues you may be having, whether it's a bulge or potbelly. They come in all different styles, from boyfriends to skinnies, but they all have one thing in common: they hit right at or just below your natural waistline.

This is because they help create an illusion of longer legs by drawing attention away from your midsection. They also help to create a slimmer silhouette by giving the illusion of a smaller waistline and a smoother transition between your hips and thighs.

If you're not sure where exactly your natural waistline is, try this simple trick: stand with your back against a wall and measure at the widest part of your torso (around your belly button). That's where most women's natural waists are located!

Straight-Leg Jeans

Straight-legged jeans are a great option as they're just as flattering as boot-cut jeans but they don't have that exaggerated 'mom' look that flare-leg jeans can sometimes have.

Straight-leg jeans also come in a wide range of styles, so you can find the right pair for your body. If you're looking for something more classic, go for a dark wash and a mid-rise waistband—these options will help elongate your legs and create a sleek silhouette. 

If you want something more modern, try one of the many distressed versions on the market today that will give the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Moreover, you're still trying to slim down post pregnancy; these will help disguise any problem areas, while still giving you room to move around comfortably.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are for everyone, no matter what your shape or size. They're so comfortable and flattering, and they're the perfect way to show off your curves. If you have a belly, don't worry—you can still wear them!

To get the best fit in boyfriend jeans, try one that's a size smaller than your normal pant size. This will help keep everything smooth and slim. You may also want to opt for a slimmer cut; the looser styles tend to be more forgiving if you're looking for full coverage over your tummy.

In short, these are loose at the top with a fitted leg, which means they're great for hiding any lumps and bumps while still being comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Bootcut Jeans

If you have a big bum and small waist, look for jeans with a bootcut leg. Bootcut jeans will balance out your bottom half without being too bulky around the thighs or knees.

They are the perfect style for any body type, but they're especially great for those with a belly. The wide leg opening gives your midsection more room to breathe while still giving you the classic look of a jean. They're also more forgiving than skinny jeans, so you'll be less likely to have to hem them if your weight fluctuates over time.

Bootcut jeans also come in different lengths—some sit right on top of your shoes, while others have a slight flare that covers nearly all of your shoe. The latter is ideal if you're going for a longer look or want to avoid showing off too much ankle when wearing heels.

And matching them with heels? Don't even get us started!

Wide-leg Jeans 

If you're struggling to find jeans that fit your belly, it's time to look at wide-leg jeans.

If you're in the UK and have a belly, you're probably wondering what jeans to wear.

The answer is: wide-leg jeans.

They're called "wide legs" for a reason—they'll make your body look like it's wider than it actually is, which is perfect if you want to look curvier but don't actually have any curves. 

They also help hide any tummy bulge or tummy rolls that might be trying to make an appearance. You can go with a dark wash or even a lighter color if you want the illusion of being thinner without having to give up comfort.

These wide-legged pants can camouflage any kind of bulges on your legs and tummy area easily. It also gives an instant hourglass figure to anyone who wears them correctly with high heels or wedges. So if you want to look amazing without having to put in extra effort, then go for wide-leg pants.

Wear Dark Wash Jeans

If you've got a belly, dark wash jeans are your best friend.

Why? Because they're designed to hide any imperfections in the fabric. They fit snugly around your waist, which will give you an hourglass shape and make your tummy look smaller.

Dark wash jeans also help balance out the color of your body with the color of your top, so it's not as noticeable when you're wearing something lighter than your skin tone (like white or light blue).

If you're getting ready for a night out on the town or an event where you'll be wearing heels, try pairing your dark wash jeans with a blouse or top that has some detail (like lace or ruffles) on it so that it distracts from your stomach area.

Choose Loose Fitting Pants

If you've got a belly, you know that finding jeans that fit can be a nightmare.

But as with all fashion challenges, there are solutions!

Pants that are loose-fitting around the waist and hips will help to balance out your figure and make you look more slim. It's important to try on a range of styles so that you can find what works best for you.

Loose fitting pants will help minimize the appearance of bulges around your waist area so try them on. 

You should be able to fit two fingers between the top of your pants and your actual waistline. If there's too much space between them, it will make your stomach look bigger than it really is.

Finally, don't go overboard with the belt! One great way to have loose pants without looking sloppy is by using a belt as an accessory instead of something that holds everything together—it's better if they can move around freely and still look good.

Go for Stretchy Denim

It's the question that plagues us all: What jeans should I wear if I have a belly?

And the answer is simple. Go for stretchy denim.

Stretchy denim is designed to have some give, so it'll fit you no matter what your body shape is. 

Stretchy denim will allow for movement without sacrificing style or comfort. This is especially important when it comes to maternity denim because it allows for extra room in any area where your body needs it most — like around the waistline! Stretchy denim also helps prevent baggy knees. 

Let’s Have a Final Verdict! 

You know what's not fun? When you're trying to wear a pair of jeans and your belly keeps getting in the way. It's like your body is saying, "Nah, girl. You can't wear these pants. They don't fit." And then you have to go through the whole ordeal of putting them on again, only to be left feeling frustrated and annoyed that your body won't cooperate with your outfit choice.

So why do we make it harder than it needs to be? We'll tell you: because there are some things that just don't work with our bodies. 

But if you're going to deal with this problem—and we know you have—then at least there are some kinds of Jeans that will help make the process easier (and more enjoyable).

Sean Donnelly