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With origins in traditional Japanese culture, the kimono has become a fashion staple across the globe in recent years. The flowing, feminine feel of the garment is flattering for every body type, making the kimono the ideal item for the transition between summer and autumn. Comfy and warming on chillier days, the kimono is also light enough to provide a light layer on warm afternoons. Save yourself from dithering over what overcoat to wear on those unpredictable September days and invest in a kimono pronto! Kimonos offer a more casual silhouette than the blazer whilst also being more graceful than a typical jacket, so they’re a great investment.


Traditionally made from silk, kimonos are now widely available in a variety of lower maintenance fabrics, from satin and linen to polyester. That means you don’t need to break the bank to luxuriate in that liquidy silken feeling. The best thing about wearing one is that it feels like pure indulgence, even on a budget.  


They’re also surprisingly versatile, offering a wide variety of outfit options. A kimono with jeans is a street style classic for a reason: it’s the quintessential balance of casual and classy. It’s also a look that gives you a lot of options. To help you shop women kimono jackets online, let’s have a look at some of the most on-trend ways to wear them with jeans this season!

Wear a colour block kimono with faded jeans

Pairing your favourite denim with a colour blocked kimono provides a gorgeous combination of fluid delicacy and streetwise cool. The faded jeans give the look a dash of tomboyish toughness, offsetting the eye-catching vibrancy of the colour blocking. Together the look expresses boldness and confidence: think Katie Holmes stomping around New York in her famed ensemble of colourful kimono, boyfriend jeans, aviators and high heels.  


Wear a black kimono with jeans

black kimono with jeans

Opting for a black kimono is a fantastic way of looking a little more formal without going full corporate. A black kimono with jeans is the perfect ensemble for transitioning from day to evening, giving you a look that works for both dinner and brunch. This is another combination adored by celebs. Beyonce was photographed leaving a fancy restaurant wearing her favourite black kimono as a cardigan, whilst Selena Gomez has been spotted out and about rocking a black print kimono with dark blue skinnies, stilettos, and a tank top. 

Style your kimono with jeans for a spefcial occasion

The special-occasion kimono is a must-have for weddings or other formal events. Ensure elegance by opting for dressier options with tulle or embroidery detailing. The key is to go for a skinner fit denim without distressed elements, giving you a sleek silhouette that is guaranteed to get the party started in the classiest way possible.


Wear your kimono like a Celeb

The kimono has become a celebrity staple. Every imaginable style icon of the last decade has been papped in one at some point. Kim Kardashian even came under fire for trying to trademark the word ‘kimono’ for a recent fashion line. The kimono is beloved by both Gen Z Insta goddesses like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid and the A-List old guard.


They’re particularly popular during festival season. There’s a reason you see kimonos in every conceivable colour and style on your Instagram feed every year during Coachella and Glastonbury. With their vintage feel, kimonos add a touch of quirkiness and colour to every outfit, transforming everyone instantly into a boho goddess.


Our favourite celebrity kimono style moments? Rihanna looking beautifully beachy in an adorable Dolce and Gabbana floral kimono, exemplifying how to style the look for the evening (top tips: belt it for a dressier feel, paired with dressy heels and matching earrings). We also love Miley Cyrus’s edgier choice of a block patterned kimono worn like a jacket over flared jeans and a lacey top, channelling her inner Stevie Nicks.

How to wear a kimono with jeans if you’re short?

Shorter women might think the kimono will drown them, but fear not! Pair a longer kimono with cropped jeans or denim shorts to accentuate the flowing aspect of the item without giving the impression you’ve got caught in a blown away tent. Belting the kimono is also a great way to avoid looking overwhelmed by fabric. Try a looser front tie for a super cool hipster vibe.


Create a monochrome outfit with your kimono 

Some women shy away from the kimono, concerned they are going to look like they have ventured outside in an (admittedly rather fancy) dressing gown. Avoid giving the impression you forget to get dressed properly this morning by zhuzhing it up with a touch of formality. Pair your kimono with matching jeans for a more fluid alternative to the power suit. Even if you’re keeping it more casual, working a monochrome look is a fool proof way of ensuring the neighbours don’t think you’re doing the walk of shame.


Final words: kimono and jeans outfit style is yours?

Getting a kimono is a brilliant way to refresh your wardrobe whilst also giving your favourite jeans a new lease of life. It’s a look that can work in any context, whether you’re living it up at a wedding reception or going for a low-key family walk in the park. Now is a great time to invest in a variety of kimonos (and not just because you’ll definitely want more than one). Giving yourself options allows you to make the kimono your new signature staple. A good range might be a floral chiffon kimono for a light cover-up, a bolder print for daywear, block colour or piped detail for autumn outerwear, and black for more formal occasions. Here we’re taking all our tips from kimono queen Jessica Alba, who is rarely seen without one and has been seen in one on the beach, out to dinner and going shopping in various pieces in her collection. Talk about kimono goals!

Sean Donnelly