Ain't no other fashion maven bringing them back like we do! Oozing charm and style, the spotlight is irrefutably on Women's Trench Coats! From neutral shades to bright hues, they're all in vogue this season.

A Quick Dash Through History Lane

The military garb of choice during World War I, trench coats have fought their way into every wardrobe. Yes, you read that right! These beauties were born in the harsh trenches of war and, like a Phoenix, transcended to the world of haute couture. Marvellously resilient, aren’t they?

Changing Hues - Diversity in Colour

Ladies, we know you can't resist colours. Guess what neither can we! In 2023, the colour spectrum for trench coats shimmers brighter than a rainbow. From sober shades of butter cream and coffee brown to stylish greys and blacks, you pick, we provide!

Style Quotient - Simply Off The Charts!

"Do women's trench coats still hold merit in 2023?" Ah, the ubiquitous question. But sweetheart, the answer is: Oh, absolutely YES. The timeless elegance of trench coats never fades; it only gets more sophisticated with time. Chic, stylish, and versatile, they have, and will always, dominate the fashion landscape.

A Style Puzzle, Anyone?

Let's have a little fun now, shall we? What do you think these words have in common?

  1. Elegance
  2. Style
  3. Versatile
  4. Chic
  5. Trendy

Ding! Ding! Ding! If you guessed Trench Coats, you are spot on!

Framed In Affordability - High End Fashion Within Your Reach

Ladies, it's time to indulge your fashion senses without emptying your wallet. Why should quality trench coats be pricey? At Modora, we believe in marrying affordability with style. From double-breasted point collar coats to belted ones, we've got an array of styles lined up just for you. Taste the essence of timeless elegance!

Strut this Season in Trench Coats from Modora

Now, let's get a glimpse of fab finds you can score at Modora this season.

Grey Plaid Trench Coat

Perfect for adding an edge to your outfit.

Cream Trench Coat


For the ones who love to keep it sublime yet stylish.

Coffee Brown Trench Coat 

A rich colour for a commanding presence.

Beige Double Breasted Point Collar Trench Coat 

It screams elegance and class.

Black Belted Trench Coat 

A universal go-to colour that never goes out of style.

Butter Cream Belted Trench Coat 

For those who wish to keep it light and breezy.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Add these stylish trench coats to your wardrobe and give those sidewalks the fashion show it never had.

Aishah  ul-Haq