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Wearing a jumpsuit outfit at the workplace sends a clear signal that the wearer is in charge and knows what they're doing. It's no secret that a good first impression is key to getting your foot in the door. 

But one piece that should not be missing from your arsenal of interview and meeting outfits is the jumpsuit. Incorporating one into your office dress wardrobe will show you're ahead of the trends and bold enough to make a strong first impression.

5 Eye-Catching Ways To Style Your Favourite Jumpsuit at Work

Women have been wearing Jumpsuits for decades, but only recently have they begun making a comeback in the workforce. Ladies, if you're wondering what style to choose for your next corporate meeting or presentation, here are five pieces we recommend for styling a jumpsuit dress for work.

  1. The Classic Two-Piece
    A classic two-piece can be worn in the office with ease. This look is perfect for women who want to feel confident while still trying to show off their feminine curves. For this outfit, you'll need a blazer or cardigan and a pair of high heels or flats. You can add accessories like statement earrings or necklaces to complete your look.

  2. Pair It With Other Pieces for Variety
    Jumpsuits don't have to be worn alone; you can pair them with different pieces from your closet for endless options! For example, if you have a blouse that you love but feel it's not quite right for work, try pairing it with a jumpsuit outfit instead! In this case, an oversized button down shirt would look great with a black jumpsuit for ladies and ankle boots (or heels). 

  3. Mix Patterns are Best
    One of the best ways to style your jumpsuit dress for work is by mixing patterns. If you've already got one patterned piece in your wardrobe (like a shirt or blouse), add another pattern into your outfits and see how it looks! 

    You can try pairing stripes with polka dots or even animal print with florals if you want something bolder. Don't forget to combine yours with booties or heels for a polished finish that's still comfortable enough for long days at the office. Plus keep on experimenting with different prints and textures.

  4. Add High-Waisted Pants
    The most basic outfit you can wear with a women's jumpsuit is high-waisted pants. The high waistline elongates your legs and gives them definition, which is perfect if you have shorter legs or wider hips than most people. It also helps keep the focus on your chest instead of your stomach area if that’s what you want.

    So you'll definitely want to opt for high-waisted pants if you're going for a more professional look. This will help keep things under control at the waistline and keep your outfit streamlined — no unbuttoned tops or gaping skirts here! 

  5. Layer With A Coat
    A jumpsuit for women is an amazing piece of clothing because it's so versatile. You can layer it over tank tops and tees or wear it as a dress with boots and tights. But one of our favourite ways to wear a jumpsuit is with a coat over top — especially when the weather gets cold! 

A coat gives your outfit more structure while also adding a bit more warmth if you're worried about your office being chilly. This can be as simple as pairing your jumpsuit with a blazer or something more formal like a trench coat.

3 Additional Styling Tips To Make You Look Elegant 

Here we are sharing some key tips to add more glam into your look. Go ahead and apply them!


You can either keep your hair down or up in a bun, depending on the length. If you want to go for a more formal look, opt for a bun and keep your hair sleek. If you want to be more casual, then let your hair fall naturally and leave some strands loose around your face.


Go for a subtle makeup look with nude lips and minimal eye makeup. If you're wearing a jumpsuit with a high neckline, then go for a bolder lip shade like burgundy or plum. Go for darker shades of reds, blues and purples as they will give your face definition without looking harsh or over-the-top.


Jumpsuits look best when worn with heels or wedges so that there is enough contrast between the outfit and the footwear. You can even wear flats if you want to appear more casual but just make sure they're not too flat otherwise they'll appear dull next to the jumpsuit silhouette!

Let’s Wrap it Up Now! 

Outfitting a jumpsuit for work no longer has to be overwhelming or disappointing—with this list of 5 ways from our style makers, you can put together different fashionable looks so that you never have to worry about bringing the same outfit twice.

Bottom line, a women’s jumpsuit is this season's go-to work outfit. From chic office settings to laidback creative agencies, the jumpsuit has become ubiquitous with stylish yet professional business wear.

Aishah  ul-Haq