A number of colours look great on older folks, but there are just a few that are flattering to skin with deeper melanin concentrations. That's right, some colours make you look younger – literally! Don't believe us? You'll be surprised at the following captivating colour details.


The irony is many of us live our lives complaining about looks. We see others and assume they are born to slay any outfit. Fact that we leave unchecked most of the year is: those slaying beauties know what colour combination makes them younger and prettier and which ones not. That’s the whole point behind the looks!


Well worry not as we are going to reveal this secret for you right away. 


Sassy Colours That Add Life Into Your Years

Your eyes are the window to your soul. So, how do you keep them looking young? (The right colours will certainly help.)


The last thing anyone wants to think about getting older is the inevitable skin aging process. Your mother always told you, “Staying out in the sun too long will make you look older”. “Wear your sunscreen”. All good advice, however, what if there were some simple tips that could help reverse this process?


Yeah, you can look younger and more radiant with the passage of time just like celebrating, but with the correct colour combination!

Let’s Start With Pastel Hues…

Pastels are the perfect way to add a youthful touch to your look without going overboard. Their softness and brightness will brighten up your skin tone, making you look younger and healthier than you would with darker colours.



These colours are softer and have more neutral shades compared to bright ones. They include light pink, pale blue, mint green and lavender grey – all of which can be worn by those who want to look younger without going overboard with bright colours.


This combination will give you the sassiness that you need while still keeping your look youthful and fun.


Find the Right Shade of Blue

The right shade of blue can make you look a decade younger.

You heard us.

There are ways to use bright colours in your wardrobe to make yourself look younger. In fact, there are certain shades that have been shown to actually reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face!


So what's the secret? It's all about the brightness of the colour and how saturated it is. You can achieve this by choosing vibrant shades of blues!



If you're worried about looking too loud with these bold shades, don't worry—all you need is some contrast! Try pairing a bright shade with one that is more toned down (like a neutral grey or brown). This will help balance out the boldness while still giving off that youthful glow.


You can experiment with them all! You can go from light sky blues and ocean blues to dark blues or even pastels if you want something softer and more feminine.



And in light blue shades it's all about baby blues for the ladies and khaki for the gents. Well you can also go with the dark denim. Although it won't make you look any younger, but it will make your butt look good while you try on those baby blues and khaki shirts.



A Bold Colour Combination of Red-Coral

Who doesn't love red? This colour has always been associated with youthfulness, so if you want to dress up like a teenager again then go for this combination!



Red is also one of the most attractive colours in existence so don't be afraid to wear it with confidence! Limiting yourself to red alone may seem boring though; try it with black or white.



The white shirt brings out the warmth of your skin, while black adds mystery and sophistication to your overall appearance, which makes it appropriate for any occasion whether it is a casual meet-up or a formal event at work/office.


Try adding some sort of stoler, bags or shoes for the right fit combinations, if your dress is in a different colour.


This will make you feel confident, and younger! This is because red and coral are both colours that add life into your years.


Party Hard with Pink-Purple


Pink and purple are colours that add life into your years and are perfect for any party season! They're bright and they'll turn heads wherever you go. You'll also be the centre of attention in this outfit, which is always a good thing!


These bold colours attract attention and they look good on everyone. They can be used to make your outfit pop, especially if you're going out for a party!



When using these colours together, it's important to use them in moderation. You don't want to look like you're trying too hard or like you're trying too little. You just want to look like the best version of yourself!


So how do we do that? We'll show you how:


  • Use one colour on one side of your body (for example: pink pants and then shirt of other colour )



  • Use two different shades of either colour on top (for example: white top with a dark purple cardigan)
  • Use different shades of either colour for accessories as well—such as shoes or jewellery etc.

Bonus Tip! If you go with white statement piece of outfit, say a white stole with a pastel pink or decent pink, it’ll rock!

Slay Your Young Summer Looks in Yellow-Green


Your summer days are spent outside with friends or family, right? Then this yellow-green combo screams "fun times" and it's sure to put a smile on your face whenever you wear it!


This colour combination is perfect for when you want to look younger because it uses two shades that are very similar in tone but slightly different in hue.


The yellow shade offers warmth and energy while the green shade adds sophistication and soberness. This combination works well with any skin tone and can be used for any season or occasion.


You can also wear this combination on its own or pair footwear with other colours like black or white for added style points!



To incorporate this colour combination into your wardrobe, consider pairing a yellow top with an emerald green pair of pants or skirt. You can also add some fun pops of colour with accessories like shoes or jewellery—a great way to make sure you stand out in even crowded rooms!


Get Some Yellow and Orange in Your Wardrobe

This year, it's all about the sassy colours.


You know what we mean—the ones that add life into your years? The ones that make you look like a fresh-faced teenager? We're talking about yellow and orange.


Yellow is often associated with optimism, energy and positivity. It's no wonder that people who wear yellow are usually happier than those who don't – and this happiness translates into looking younger as well!



Yellow is also known for its ability to lift your mood – so if you're feeling down, try wearing some yellow to help cheer yourself up!



Orange makes you happy! Believe us it’s one of the happiest colours around – but did you know that it also helps make us look younger?


Research has shown that when we see orange things around us (such as fruit), our brains release endorphins which make us feel happier – thus there is a natural phenomena behind this.



If you want to look younger this season, there's no better way than to add some of these bold hues into your wardrobe. The colour palette has been described as "youthful" and "cheerful," which is exactly what you want when you're trying to stand out from the crowd.


And it's not just a one-time thing. You can wear bright yellow or sunny orange with almost any outfit and still look amazing. So if you're ready to take your look up a notch this season, grab yourself some vibrant new threads and get ready to shine!


Get Your Greens On!

You know what makes you look younger?


When you're wearing a bold green, your whole look will become more vibrant and alive. It's the secret to looking younger without having to wear a ton of makeup at all.



Green is a colour that’s not only versatile, but also has a ton of benefits:


  • It makes us feel happy, relaxed, and confident; it protects us from UV rays; and it makes our skin look more radiant by reflecting light onto our faces.
  • Plus, studies have shown that wearing green can even help prevent Alzheimer's disease!


When it comes to incorporating green into your outfits, there are few colours that mix as well as this one does with so many others (not just blue).


If you're trying to wear a bright green, don't just throw on a sequin dress and call it a day—you'll look like a Christmas tree! Instead, try mixing some of that bright green with other colours like coral or yellow to tone down the effect.


Go for some structured pieces in your outfit. For instance pencil skirts,  blazers or stolers can help keep your outfit looking put together while still letting your inner sass shine through!



So whether you want to wear something bold or subtle, there’s plenty of room for experimentation—and trust us when we say that going with a little bit of green will be worth every second spent trying out new looks!


Do Not Forget to Add Colour To Your Hair

This is the easiest way to be sassy and young at heart, hands down. If you haven't gotten around to dyeing your hair a bright colour or experimenting with highlights or lowlights yet, this is the time!


We're not saying you have to go full-on J-Lo, but if you've been thinking about trying something new for awhile but haven't been sure what? Now's your chance!


It doesn't have to be permanent; there are plenty of semi-permanent options out there that will give you the look without making a commitment (and without breaking the bank).


Let’s Wrap Up!

Okay, we know you're going to be sceptical about this one. But hear us out!

Colours have a big impact on how old you look. And if you want to look younger, then you need to wear the right colours.

It's all about the contrast between your hair and skin tones. If you have dark hair, then you'll want light-coloured outfits—and vice versa.

Above are five colour combinations that will help you look younger than ever!


Aishah  ul-Haq